We are a local family owned full service glass company.  Starting in 1847 in Bethany by Jacob Faatz, Honesdale Glass Company made window glass and oil lamp chimneys.  My family connection starts in 1946 with Jack O'Neil and in 1962 my grandfather bought Jack out.  And at the ripe old age of 6, I traveled with my grandfather from the farm to the glass shop every morning.  I started school that year at the Lincoln School but my real education was at the glass shop.  I learned many things there including the glass business.  I was "on the job" when glass was put into the second house built in Hemlock Farms.  In 1974 my grandfather wanted to enjoy early retirement, at the time I wanted to go in other directions so he sold to my cousins.  In 1997 when they wanted to retire I reopened Honesdale Glass Company.  My son and daughters grew up in the glass business just like I did so you could say we are truly a local family owned glass business.  We're not a satellite store or a branch store, we live here and we grew up here.  I'm the eighth generation in Honesdale and the forth generation in the glass business.  When you call Honesdale Glass Company I answer the phone, not the phone room or a secretary, ME.  You'll be dealing with me or my son or daughters.


Honesdale glass company

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